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About MED

MED Research Team

Supporting medical research, education, and healthcare in Syria

Our mission includes working on a number of healthcare fronts with an aim of taking part in rebuilding the Syrian healthcare system. We aim to achieve that through supporting medical research and education in Syria, empowering the Syrian medical students, and improving healthcare through a variety of collaborative projects.

Our vision encompasses using research to advance healthcare, and to create an evidence-based approach to rebuilding healthcare in Syria. We envision empowering the youth medical workforce through training and education, and engaging them in various projects to support healthcare in Syria.

We plan to be a part of rebuilding healthcare in Syria by supporting research, medical education, and healthcare. We strongly believe that the potential of youth is endless. Therefore, we will actively engage the Syrian youth medical workforce in collaborative projects along with research and educational activities. Also, we plan to achieve our research goals by connecting international research expertise with the resources available in Syria, and networking with international scholars, scientists, and organizations.

MED Team

Alexey Youssef

Founder, Board Adviser

Alexey is a fresh medical graduate from Tishreen University. He created MED Research Team because he believed that the Syrian medical students could take an active stand during the Syrian conflict through supporting research, education, and healthcare in the country.

On a personal level, Alexey is interested in the executive aspect of healthcare, healthcare systems strengthening, health economics, and eHealth. Now, Alexey is going to pursue a master’s degree in international health and tropical medicine, followed by an MBA at Oxford University in the capacity of the first Syrian Rhodes Scholar. When not advocating for healthcare or doing research, Alexey enjoys spending his free time running, doing nature sports, and travelling.

Maya Marouf

Board member

Joining MED Research Team has been both an educational and a creative experience for me. Under MED I’ve worked on publishing articles, collecting and archiving samples for the Biobank project and organizing poster sessions in my town’s medical conferences.

I’m from Latakia, Syria. Currently in my fifth year of studying medicine, aspiring to specialize in paediatrics. I’m an avid follower of psychology, literature and stand-up comedy. I strongly believe that passion and integrity in research are the low frequency sound that will travel a greater distance in the end.

Our Collaborators