MED Research Team | Iman Shahrour, B Pharm
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Iman Shahrour, B Pharm

Eiman Shahrour, B Pharma


Dr. Eiman Shahrour is a PhD student in Laboratory Diagnosis Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, Tishreen University. She is currently the director of the pre-marital laboratory of Doctors Syndicate in Lattakia, Syria since October 2017 till now; supervisor of the practical part of microbiological pharmacology course at Al andalus University, Tartous, Syria since September 2018 till now.
She was a master’s student in laboratory diagnosis from 2012 to 2017. She get training courses at the Central Laboratory of Tishreen University Hospital in Latakia from 2014 until 2017. She worked as instructor and lecturer of the practical part of several courses in Faculty of Pharmacy, Tishreen University from 2012 to 2016.
Dr. Eiman Shahrour research work focuses on laboratory diagnostic sciences, especially hemoglobin electrophoresis on capillarys-sebia and finding a new range reference for kinds of new hemoglobin in Syrian population or any other population, Trying to find relationships between laboratory results which are not scientifically proven until now, but will be very important in the future in reducing the analyses used to detect a disease or to serve in early detection of diseases especially in hematology.
Also she is interested in genetics and molecular biology, looking for signs for early detection of late-detection diseases such as osteoporosis, discovering new uses of existing drugs, or new discoveries of plants found in nature around us.