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MED Research Team

We are a multidisciplinary voluntary team with a shared goal in mind. We aim to strengthen healthcare and take part in building the future of healthcare in Syria. We believe that strengthening healthcare is a multidisciplinary effort that requires working on a number of fronts: research, clinical medicine, social sciences, health policy, administration, and financing. We focus on healthcare research because we believe that it is necessary to build an advanced healthcare system. Researching different aspects of healthcare in Syria, we aim to build an evidence based approach to strengthening healthcare in the country. Additionally, we build research capacity through providing a platform for online research education, and organizing workshops and skill building events.

MED’s Research Resource Center is an online research educational platform that aims to build the healthcare research capacity in Syria. Providing research educational resources online we aim to overcome the different barriers to research education in Syria, and to provide young aspiring researchers with the resources they need to start their research journey.

We are working on a number of research and non research projects in Syria. On the research front, we are working on a number of research projects addressing the most pressing health issues in Syria. In these projects, we are collaborating with world leading institutions and global research networks. One the other hand, we are building capacity through organizing educational workshops, and collaborating with other organizations on a variety of health-oriented projects.

MED Blog is a platform to share inspirations, ideas, and personal perspectives on healthcare in Syria. This blog aims to provide a collaborative space for the different players in the Syrian healthcare landscape, in which they can share their vision and expertise on the different aspects of healthcare in the country.

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Student Stories

By joining the team I aim to help improve medical research in my nation, and exchange knowledge with other medical students to help build a brighter future.
Nawara Kasso
medical student, MED member since 2017
Attending MED’s Academic Writing 101 workshop, I learned the basic research concepts that allowed me to start my research learning journey.
Ahmad Abdullah
Medical student, Tishreen University

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