Supporting medical research, education, and healthcare in Syria


Our mission includes working on a number of healthcare fronts with an aim of taking part in rebuilding the Syrian healthcare system. We aim to achieve that through supporting medical research and education in Syria, empowering the Syrian medical students, and improving healthcare through a variety of collaborative projects.


Our vision encompasses using research to advance healthcare, and to create an evidence-based approach to rebuilding healthcare in Syria. We envision empowering the youth medical workforce through training and education, and engaging them in various projects to support healthcare in Syria.


We plan to be a part of rebuilding healthcare in Syria by supporting research, medical education, and healthcare. We strongly believe that the potential of youth is endless. Therefore, we will actively engage the Syrian youth medical workforce in collaborative projects along with research and educational activities. Also, we plan to achieve our research goals by connecting international research expertise with the resources available in Syria, and networking with international scholars, scientists, and organizations.

Our Collaborators

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