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Academic Writing 101 May/2018

The workshop spanned over two days.

It focused on critical topics in academic publishing and research. The lectures covered topics like:

  • Predatory publishers
  • Academic writing
  • Choosing a journal and discussing authorship
  • Productive writing habits
  • Writing a case report
  • Writing a literature review

The lectures can be accessed and downloaded using these links:

Predatory publishers-Alexey Youssef, MD

Academic spam-Mustafa Bajjoud

How to choose a journal-Zuheir Alshehabi, MD, PhD

Discussing authorship-Nisreen Kaddar, PharmD

Introduction to academic writing-Ali Adra

Writing a literature review-Suzanne Alshemali, MD

Writing a case report-Maya Marouf

Productive writing habits-Ruba Al Jundi

Orthography and punctuation-Mariam Solaiman

Style-Ali Ramez Hassan

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