Amer Makt

Amer Makt


Dentistry student at Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary.

I am a Syrian/Hungarian who was born in Damascus, Syria in 1994. I finished my high school degree in Sweida, Syria, and came to Hungary to repeat my high school studies In Hungarian. After finishing my Pre-medical course in the English language, I joined Semmelweis University in the field of dentistry in an American Program of studies.

Before meeting MED Research Team, I was really interested in the research field but with no manner to achieve my goals. MED came into the picture and gave me the opportunity and environment to follow and share my ideas with likeminded people, together we aspire to build a reliable base which can help in developing the research education in my home country Syria.

Currently I work as a content creator in the RRC in MED Research Team.

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