Farah Mohanna

Farah Mohanna


I am a pathology resident at Tishreen University Hospital in Lattakia, Syria. Growing from the curious child who is always wondering how everything works, I became the doctor who is indulged in research to fulfil my curiosity. MED research team is one of the places where I could achieve and follow my dreams thanks to the great work atmosphere there. As a previous research officer at MED RT, I helped conduct and supervise different kinds of studies such as case reports, case control, cohort studies …etc. I was part of many projects like the biobank, the hand hygiene and other voluntary projects. Moreover, I am involved in workshops that help educate my colleagues on research. Aside from my academic life, I am very passionate about art and music; I believe that by intertwining my two passions, art and research, I can help make science more accessible and less intimidating for people of non-scientific backgrounds.

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