Mustafa Ali Bajjoud

Mustafa Ali Bajjoud


Mustafa Ali Bajjoud is currently a medical student at Tishreen University in Latakia, Syria. His passion in Science and medicine pushed him to start his way in research, starting in learning how to make research. In MED Research Team, Mustafa works in collecting samples for biobank project, preparing and organizing data of researches of the team, and presenting poster sessions of these researches. Mustafa believes that science can do everything to improve the quality of life of all humans around the world and medicine is the most scientific field that needs more and more research.

Additionally, Mustafa is a coordinator, content editor and writer in ‘I Believe in Science’ website, the first and biggest scientific project in the Arab-speaking world. Mustafa is in love with art especially visual art and has a little skill in designing and painting artworks, graphics and Arabic calligraphies.

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