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Poster session at the ENT annual conference, Latakia November 2017

Among its activities, MED Research Team organizes poster sessions for medical conferences held in Latakia city. These sessions include displays and presentations of research papers by their author(s) and a one-on-one discussion with the conference audience during intervals. This idea was newly introduced to the medical scene in Latakia drawing inspiration from the international wide spread of poster sessions in medical conferences and their scientific and collaborative benefits toward researchers and their work. In Syria, many of undergraduates and practicing medical doctors are oftentimes faced with insufficient coverage of their work in the research field which makes poster sessions a reliable mean of exposure and collaboration between researchers and healthcare companies and personnel.

On November 23rd a poster session was done during a seminar on the recent updates in ENT and head and neck diseases and surgery which was organized by Ashtarout Institution and held in Golden Beach resort in Latakia.

The poster session included presentations of research papers by ENT residents from Tishreen University Hospital. Followed by an open discussion with the seminar attendees of specialists, professors and press.

     The posters presented included:

  • A study in the role of otoacoustic emission in assessing the auditory function in children up to 1 years old, Deyaa Alnajm M.D.
  • Montgomery® laryngeal stent in treating laryngeal stenosis caused by trauma and war injuries, Aseel Hasan M.D.
  • Extracting foreign bodies from bronchi and trachea using fiber endoscopy and its complications, Ahmad Alboudi M.D.

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