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Poster session at the Obstetricians and gynecologists symposium, Latakia December 2017

Among its activities, MED Research Team organizes poster sessions for medical conferences held in Latakia city. These sessions include displays and presentations of research papers by their author(s) and a one-on-one discussion with the conference audience during intervals. This idea was newly introduced to the medical scene in Latakia drawing inspiration from the international wide spread of poster sessions in medical conferences and their scientific and collaborative benefits toward researchers and their work. In Syria, many of undergraduates and practising medical doctors are oftentimes faced with insufficient coverage of their work in the research field which makes poster sessions a reliable mean of exposure and collaboration between researchers and healthcare companies and personnels.

On December 14th a poster session was held per an invitation from Latakia’s first OB/Gyn conference on infertility and endoscopic surgery which was organized by Ashtarout Institution and held in Lamera Meridian Hotel in Latakia.

Poster presentation

The presentation included discussions of research papers with conference attendees of doctors, specialists and health care officials.

Group picture for MED team in the conference during the poster session

The presentation included a research paper by pharmacy students from Al Andalus University and two research papers by MED Research Team:

  • Depression among the Syrian medical students in the context of the crisis: a cross-sectional analysis, MED Research Team.
  • Visceral and cutaneous leishmaniasis in a city in Syria and the effects of the Syrian conflict, MED Research Team.
  • The antibacterial effect of Syrian honey against pseudomonas aeruginosa, Wisam Al-Zamm, Rim Harfouch, Salwar Bitar and Meray Sayegh, Al Andalus University.

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