Raneem Mohammad, B.Pharm

Raneem Mohammad, B.Pharm


I am a pharmacist, a researcher, and a former volunteer at Skills and Career Center at Tishreen University. Currently, I am in my first year of residency at the department of laboratory diagnostics at the National Hospital of Latakia.

I believe that scientific research is a beneficial way to learn, develop, and enhance the quality of life and healthcare in our community and all over the world. I also believe in the energies behind teamwork and look forward to seeing the achievements of the fascinating abilities of the Syrian youth.

In the team, I participated in translating a course in epidemiology from Boston University School of Public Health. Beside that I’m a researcher, a translator, and a translation-tasks coordinator at Research Resource Center “RRC” at MED. Other than that, I am interested in art, love playing on the violin, and enjoy being with nature.


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