Zahraa Alkhaier

Zahraa Alkhaier


My name is Zahraa Alkhaier and I am a fifth year medicine student, currently studying at al Al-Andalus University for medical sciences.

In my childhood, I was immersed in various stories about legends and heroes. As I grew up, I believed that doctors are heroes wearing white capes and researchers are true legends with everlasting legacies.

This thought process encouraged me to learn more and more about medicine and research, and my current research interests include oncology and nephrology related topics.

For me, scientific research is an important factor in improving healthcare services in Syria and being a volunteer in MED Research Team is a good way to get involved in that matter. In MED research team, I am a part of the translating team helping to spread medical knowledge.

In my free time, playing various card games, reading light novels and cooking is what I enjoy.

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